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WTM Cloud – a SaaS version of the WTM telematics software, hosted on our servers, with full access to administration and configuration of your own tracking objects and users.
For a regular fee for access, our company completely assumes the databases administration, security of stored information. Using WTM Cloud allows you to reduce the initial costs of working with the WTM system - you do not need to purchase or rent a dedicated server, hire a system administrator or DevOps.
We updated the WTM Cloud regularly, providing new software releases is free for all users. We try to publish software updates every month.
WTM Cloud is a fast start for your business in GPS tracking industry: each integrator receives a separate project within two working days with a personal subdomain - yourname.wtm.ua or yorname.yourdomain. By individual agreement, we can make interface branding for each customer.

WTM has a functional administration panel that allows you to perform the most flexible system settings. The settings concern not only a simple delineation of user rights in the context of access to tracking objects, but also to various functional sections, such as geozones or notifications. The system administrator can independently create, change and delete all entities available in the system, perform fine tuning of the tracking objects themselves. The system has built-in chat, which allows you to provide prompt assistance to users of the system. Absolutely all actions in the system are logged, any action of any user can be detected to prevent controversial situations.

We use only licensed or free for use mapping services By default, OpenStreetMap maps are available in the WTM system, with standard, road and satellite visualizations available. Google Maps or Bing, which are paid and can not be used for free in transport monitoring systems, we can integrate for an additional fee. Also, any other maps hosted on a third-party servers or stored locally can be uploaded to the system. The OpenStreetMap map allows you to obtain location information accurate to the street name and house number in large cities. There is an experience of regularly loading satellite images of fields for the agricultural business.

We wanted to make the most convenient and user-friendly interface, which does not require specialized knowledge and skills of working with a computer. WTM works in any Internet browser from any device where there is an Internet connection. The interface has a responsive mobile version and works everywhere - on PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones. Each user can choose his language for the interface - now it's Ukrainian, English and Russian. If necessary new languages ​​are added within 1 week. To enter the interface, each user receives a login and password. For companies with increased security requirements, two-level authorization is possible, with confirmation via e-mail.

The WTM system allows you to track the data in the real-time online mode. The update frequency depends on the settings of the GPS trackers. WTM provides the fastest possible retrieval of data from tracking objects - between fixing data and displaying it in the interface it is no more than 10-15 seconds. In addition to information about the current location, WTM provides access to information about ignition, speed, GSM level, the number of satellites, the exact current address, the status of all connected additional sensors.

At any time you can view the information for the previous period of time - all the data on the history of movement, and on all additional sensors is available in the system. It is possible to select both predefined time periods and hour ranges, and specify random ones. Data on all monitoring objects in the WTM Cloud product are stored for 3 calendar months. Optionally, this period can be extended to 12 months. In WTM Server, the periodicity of data storage is determined by the customer himself. The object history is available both in map mode and in tabular form for viewing the detailed data log.

You can generate a variety of reports for a particular car or for an random group. The system has a list of standard report forms that can be generated right in the interface, or saved in PDF or XLS format. Also, directly from the interface, any report can be sent to e-mail. Depending on the needs of the customer, the reports can be modified by different data - by traffic, by parking / idle time, by violations, by geofencing, by fuel - by refueling and discharges, etc. The system has an automatic report generation module, where the required forms of reports are sent to customers' e-mail at the specified frequency.

For each tracking object or group of objects, individual quick notifications can be configured, which are of three types - informational, warning or alarming. Notifications are immediately sent directly to the software interface or e-mail to all specified receivers. Notifications are configured for any events occurring in the software - signal loss, speeding, pressing the alarm button, deviating from the route or leaving the control zone and many others.

The WTM software supports a wide range of hardware fuel metering and control systems. Depending on the type of equipment installed in the software, information is available on the level of fuel in the tank, all refuels and discharges, fuel consumption at the rate of consumption (liters per hour or liters per 100 km) and taken from the flowmeters or vehicle CAN-bus. The WTM software maintains an online control of the deviation from the planned reference indicators - the software implements the consumption rate at idle and in motion, in summer or winter, the expense in the city and outside the city, and also the introduction of correction factors. There is an opportunity to organize accounting and control of fuel at the enterprise, including control of fuel delivery by cards at stationary filling stations or mobile tankers.

Any information transmitted from GPS trackers and additional sensors can be displayed in the graphs form. WTM software user can simultaneously work with several graphs on several cars, analyze information on fuel level, engine speed, temperature conditions for refrigerators, speed, external power level. The graphs are available both in the context of time, and in the section of the run for a different type of transport. The user can adjust for himself the output to the graphs of the maximum minimum or averaged values ​​for 1 minute.

Depending on the users roles and their rights, a simple and functional geozone subsystem is available in the WTM system. Geozones can be of any type - point (checkpoints), linear (routes) or area (territory), which can be grouped into one common geozone. Depending on the specifics of the business, you can create predefined types of geozones - for example, fields, stops, gas stations and any others. Geozones have many attributes that are used for the analyst as additional information. Gezones can be created either manually or on the basis of tracks for a certain period.

The route module is the first step to the logistics module, which is currently being worked on. The route can be created on the basis of a set of geozones (control points) for the subsequent comparison of the planned route with the actual one. The route subsystem allows you to assign drivers to vehicles, and them - in turn - assign to certain routes. From this module, it is possible to promptly send the generated routes to the tablet or smartphone to the driver. The routes module is most relevant for passenger carriers, agricultural companies, as well as companies for the delivery of goods.

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