About the project

WTM AGRO is a specialized version of the product developed for the agricultural business, which has a separate specificity and is very different from any other in GPS tracking systems.
Agricultural business starts with mapping. You can add (manually or import) all your own objects to the WTM AGRO system (fields, elevators, warehouses, tank farms, etc.). Information on crops is entered for each field. Thus, you will be able to get full statistics about all the equipment and work carried out in each specific field for a certain period.
The agricultural business differs by a wide range of various equipment - tractors, harvesters, sprayers, trailers, trucks and cars.
Depending on the type of transport in the WTM AGRO system, there are special reports:

  • for tractors - information about the treated area, average speed, idle time, tractor driver, which operated in any time interval, as well as towing equipment, which was used at work
  • for harvester - additional information on the level of the fullness of the bunker and identification of unloading - to whom and when the unloading was carried out. There is an opportunity to take photos of what is happening to minimize the theft possibilities
  • for trucks, there is a system for fixing unscheduled stops to prevent theft during the delivery from the field to the elevator. At the elevator it is possible to integrate with weighing systems to provide end-to-end monitoring of grain delivery from the moment of harvesting to the elevator

With the WTM AGRO module, it is also possible to organize a through-accounting system for fuel - starting from the control of stationary refueling complexes, taking into account the fuel delivery by cards, controlling the delivery of fuel to the fields by mobile fuel tankers, ending with fuel delivery to the equipment, and then taking into account the fuel actually consumed.
The WTM AGRO system helps to plan technological operations. Integration with the METEOTREK solution allows authorized services to plan work in the fields based on a short-term forecast for each specific location, depending on the approaching warming or cooling, the presence or absence of precipitation.
The task module allows you to plan technological operations for each unit of equipment: in the interface, you simply tie to the driver's technique, type of operation, the trailing device and assign it to the required field. With the help of the integration with the SmartAgroDriver system, you send them directly to the tablet and in the end you get the opportunity to compare the actual work with the planned ones. The SmartAgroDriver system, in turn, can also be synchronized with the WTM AGRO module for uploading the field processing and cartography history to the machinery operator.
The WTM AGRO system allows for two-way integration with any existing systems - import cartography, vegetation maps, upload satellite images and photos made by drones. Data collected in the WTM system in turn can be uploaded to any accounting system - SAP, 1C, etc.

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