About the solution

Welcome to Open Data - individual WTM software modules that allow residents to access open data. Depending on the configuration, the system can access any registers of the city or regional property, namely:

  • public transport
  • real estate
  • lands

Each resident of the city will be able to view on the website the characteristics and status of the facility, to get information on the effectiveness of the use of such property, movement data and work of public transport and to lease this property if necessary.
The system can be extended by any other registers and functional. In the near future WOD product will be available personal office of a resident of the city, which will provide the following functionality:

  • advanced level of access for registered users
  • possibility of two-way communication with any municipal services of the city
  • electronic administrative services
  • informing about events taking place in the city and much more

WOD - an indispensable tool for modern city government, increasing the reputation among the local population.

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