WTM Cloud

SaaS version of WTM software, hosted on our servers, with full access to administration and configuration

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WTM Server

WTM Server is a standalone server version of the WTM telematics software hosted on the customer's servers

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WTM API - a separate software module that allows the two-way integration with any other software product

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WOD - WTM open data

Welcome to Open Data - individual product modules that provide access to open data

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Industry solutions

WTM Agro

WTM AGRO is a specialized version of the product developed for the agricultural business

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WTM City

WTM CITY is a specialized version of the product, developed for urban transport.

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Mobile application for passenger transport sphere - automatic voicing, working with schedules and many more

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2-in-1 parallel driving and GPS tracking system. Receiving tasks from dispatcher and fields integration

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Public service which helps people to use the passenger transport for free. User friendly mobile applications

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