Updating the line of integrated devices

The line of WTM-integrated devices has been expanded with products from TM Beacon. The merger was successful.

Integration with our WTM system has been successful for our products - Beacon Car (car charger), Beacon Pocket (powerbank) and Beacon Kit-V.

We were most interested in the Beacon Kit-V device, first of all due to its battery life, during its testing it was put on quite rigid settings: no sleep, sending data to the server every 20 seconds, we were interested in how long the device works to full discharge of 10000 mAh battery. The figure below shows that the battery life was 8 days 8 hours and 36 minutes, an impressive result.

As for the track, the look is quite good because the device does not have a cold start problem, as it is configured to send coordinates to the server constantly.

Overall, this product is interesting for its unique niche, the versatility of the firmware, the ease of setup and the sophistication of the parts.