Updated release for June

This time we were working on new features for viewing the parameters and the convenience of making them.

  • Customized tooltip windows
  • Added output of sensor data to a text report in the "GPS Vehicle Monitoring" module
  • Bugs fixed
  • The module "Fuel metering" has been created, with the ability to keep a journal account of fuel, manually enter the amount and volume of received / issued / displaced fuel

  • Added the ability to view a text report for the selected track segment
  • Improved work on making schedules for public transport
  • Optimized text report in PDF format for objects with complex tanks
  • "Driver report" created, access to analytics on the work of drivers on vehicles in the report

  • Optimized track loading speed, positions, data download for long periods.
  • Implemented a new feature for end-to-end synchronization of graphs, reports and location on the map.
  • Added display of fuel delivery on the track (linking the facts of gas stations and discharges to the actual location of the vehicle).
  • A calendar has been added to select a time period in the "GPS Vehicle Monitoring" module.