What is the price of the solution?
The cost of a WTM product depends on many factors - first of all on the choice of the architecture of the system - WTM Cloud or WTM Server.
WTM Cloud implies regular payment for access to data. The cost depends on the number of tracking objects - the more objects means the lower cost. Also the price depends on those modules that are necessary for work.
WTM Server - a one-time purchase of the system, including installation, configuration of software and training of your staff. Cost, as in the case of WTM Cloud, depends on the number of objects and software modules.
The cost of WTM software is competitive in the market and allows the integrators of GPS tracking systems to earn money for servicing their corporate customers. Send us a request for a quotation.
How much will it cost for custom development?
The cost of development is always calculated individually, depending on the resources involved. If we see that your wishes can be useful to other users of the system and enhance the functionality and attractiveness of the WTM product, they will be free and available to all. If we see that the improvements are individual, or the customer wants this functionality to be available exclusively, then we calculate the cost based on the expected time spent by the developers.
Where are the WTM Cloud servers located?
The servers on which the WTM Cloud solution is deployed are located in data centers in Europe, which provide 99.9 percent uninterrupted access to the system. Data centers have all the necessary security certificates and backup tools that guarantee the safety of all data. There is the possibility of placing the server locally in Ukraine or other countries in the presence of legislative requirements.
Is it possible to purchase software source codes?
Unlike many developers of finished products, we are ready to consider such options. Customers get access to all source codes with a detailed description for self-development software. There is also an intermediate solution, when WTM is purchased as a PaaS solution - platform-as-a-service, when customers use the core of the system on our server, and develop their own visual front-end.
What are the system requirements for using the product?
To work with WTM Cloud special characteristics are not required. The main requirement - the access to the Internet and using the latest versions of popular browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari). The system works on any platforms - Mac, Microsoft, Linux.
For the organization of WTM Server you need quite serious server capacity - a 8-core processor, at least 16 GB of RAM, a RAID array. Specification with the requirements for the server, we usually select individually, depending on the customer's tasks.
How much time is the data stored?
By default, the data in the system is stored for 12 months. Geodata - 3 months. There is an opportunity to increase the stored time by a separate agreement.