• 2010

    "ORION-СITY" IT company creation

    "ORION-СITY" IT company creation

    The beginning of development of WEB-oriented software for analytical accounting of goods for own needs beginning

  • 2011

    First releases

    The first software product launch

    Development and implementation of WEB-software for analytical accounting of goods sales, the beginning of the development of an expert-analytical system for monitoring transport for the manufacturer of fuel meters AQUAMETRO, Switzerland

  • 2012

    WTM version 1.0

    WTM telematics system. Successful testing

    In 2012, the First Release of the integrated expert-analytical system of monitoring of transport WTM® (Welcome To Monitoring) was created. The Swiss company Aquametro from 19.08.2012 to 20.12.2012 conducted a test of the WTM monitoring system, in terms of accurate reading and processing of data from meters in the Contoil series. According to the results of the tests, Aquametro recommends using the WTM monitoring system in conjunction with Contoil counters

  • 2012

    First tests in Ukraine

    Testing at JSC "Zaporizhstal"

    The system showed itself on the best side. Excerpt from the conclusion of the director of transport of JSC "Zaporizhstal": "Taking into account the results of four-month tests based on the criteria of accuracy, reliability, flexibility and convenience of work - the WTM system has shown one of the best results among the nine tested systems."

  • 2013

    Commercial successes

    First customers

    WTM monitoring system began to serve the first commercial customers. An agreement was concluded with the first large company: JSC Myronivsky Hliboproduct, one of the leading agro-industrial companies in Ukraine. The most famous trademark is Nasha Ryaba

  • 2014

    WTM is a registered trademark

    Trademark registration. Improvement of WTM monitoring system

    The procedure for registration of the trademark and trademarks of WTM and WTM24 was started. “Orion City” improved the WTM monitoring system by issuing a number of industry-specific solutions: freight transport, agriculture, industry and rail transport

  • 2014

    Parallel processes

    IT INNOVATIONS company creation

    In order to software development and GPS tracking systems integrator business IT INNOVATIONS company is organized in Kyiv. The department of mobile applications development is created from the first days, The first GPS tracking systems customers are involved. For the moment of company registration, the team's experience in IT sphere is more than 9 years

  • 2015

    Independent development of future partner companies

    Participation in international exhibitions. New big customers

    "IT INNOVATIONS" company continues the development of own mobile application SMARTBUS for passenger carriers, proceeds to the development of a comprehensive fuel accounting system. The full development department working on custom projectsis is formed. ORION CITY, in its turn, takes part in the First Ukrainian Forum of Innovative Technologies Innotech 2015, the annual international agro-industrial exhibition "AGRO-2015". WTM monitoring system gets as the customer the one of the largest Ukrainian agricultural producer and exporter of Ukraine - NIBULON

  • 2016

    LLC WTM24 company - as the result of collaboration

    IT INNOVATIONS and ORION-CITY join forces. Creation of the WTM24company for implementation of the WTM system among integrators.

    The combined experience and resources of both companies have led to the release of the WTM 2.0 product. There were significant changes to the interface, optimized online data analysis. Optimized and accelerated data processing and data output. Get started developing new software modules

  • 2017

    Common targets

    Comprehensive commercial launch of the WTM product - Welcome to monitoring

    Attracting the first integrators-customers of WTM24. Launch of fuel control modules for level sensors, report modules, graphs. Constant optimization of the system and expansion of the functional. Getting started in the direction of WTM CITY - an integrated system for passenger cars

  • 2018

    Full of work!

    Extension of branch solutions, creation of WTM City and WTM Agro modules

    Integration with SMARTBUS and SmartAgroDriver systems, development of two-way modules for WTM product and mobile applications - messaging, task setting, traffic control from the control interface. The development of the module for working with CAN-bus was started