About the solution

WTM CITY - a specialized version of the product, developed for urban transport. In addition to the main features of the WTM product, the following functions are available.
For passenger transport:

  • Routes creation - on the basis of public transport routes or passports of the route
  • Traffic schedules creation - individually for any time interval, day of the week, route
  • Appointment of drivers to vehicles - flexible allocation of drivers between vehicles for each day
  • Linking vehicles to routes - flexible transport allocation between routes for each day
  • Integration with the SMARTBUS system - sending tasks to SMARTBUS tablet, specifying the route, timetable and operating time. In this case, the SMARTBUS system starts automatically without driver participation

Depending on the specifics of the city, both urban and private carriers can work in the WTM system - each carrier can have access only to their vehicles, and city administration - access to all.
Thanks to the service of our EasyWay partners, information on the current location of passenger transport is available to all residents and visitors of the city, which will help to qualitatively make the route and orient on the time of arrival of the next vehicle to the stop.
The WTM system can be integrated with smart stops in the city, when the real time information is received on electronic displays at stops, with the the expected time of arrival. In the nearest future, integration with electronic ticket systems is planned.
For public transport, similar functions for the assignment of tasks are performed, as well as specialized reports in the software, depending on the purpose of the technological transport:

  • Cleaning and snow removal equipment
  • Garbage trucks with the count of taken containers
  • Any urgent services

For cities that are supporters of open data, WTM has developed a module of Open Registries, which provides residents of the city with information about all municipal vehicle that is owned by the city, with the ability to view its current location. We are working on expanding the list of registries, in the nearest future registers of urban real estate and land bank will be available.
The WTM system and the WTM City branch solution can serve as the basis for building a centralized city dispatch center.

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